Nearing Custom Loop Territory with an AIO – The Alphacool Eiswolf 2

Alphacool, the self-proclaimed cooling company, has recently launched the Eiswolf 2. It is an upgrade to their earlier Eiswolf GPU water cooler. This is the first GPU All-In-One to feature a full-cover water block, bringing the AIO closer to custom loops. It supports the current generation of high-end GPU cards and has excellent features at a competitive price. On paper, at least.

Liquid cooling has always been the hallmark of enthusiast PC building. While it may be more expensive than air cooling, there is no doubt that it is essential for high-end builds. AIOs had occupied a segment of compromise. They are not as involved and costly as full custom liquid cooling but do offer benefits over air coolers. Now Alphacool is bridging this divide between AIOs and custom loops by offering the full-cover water block. There is added compatibility with their other radiator and AIO systems. This might mean you can get the experience of custom loops without the hassle.

Features and Compatibility

The headline feature is obviously the full-cover water block. But the rest of the components seem robust as well. The 240 mm radiator is entirely made of copper, which should boost performance. The pump unit is the newest DC-LT 2 model. It is supposed to be super quiet compared to its predecessors. The pair of fans is the Alphacool Aurora Lux Pro 120 mm. Another great feature is the fully addressable RGB lighting, which looks quite lovely, in our opinion. The integration of lighting into the GPU water block is an excellent touch.


In terms of compatibility, the higher-end graphics cards from both AMD and NVIDIA are supported. Predictably, more cards of NVIDIA’s specifications are supported. These are the NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2070 FE & Super FE, the 2080 Super FE, and the 2080 Ti FE. In the AMD side, it supports RX 5700 and 5700XT. Exactly which manufacturer cards are supported can be found on Alphacool’s website. Here is the list for NVIDIA ones, and here for AMD.

Another nifty feature may be the ability to extend the AIO to work with other Alphacool products. As you can check out in the video above, compatibility with CPU AIO and prefilled radiators are present. This modularity means your AIO does not have to be a solo component. Potentially, this will lead to the gap between AIOs and custom loops getting ever narrower. Time will tell on this front.

Pricing and Conclusion

The new Eiswolf 2 looks pretty good at a glance. At a retail price of 200 Euros, it can be considered good value-for-money. Just look at the fact that full cover water blocks can easily cost upwards of $140 from a proper manufacturer. The performance promises to be excellent, and the aesthetics are pleasing as well.